12/3/04 ~ Mmm, TV

The funny thing is that Melissa and I both felt the occasion was blog-worthy. We're getting cable television. Specifically, we ordered Dish satellite TV with a DVR receiver. Between the two of us, I think Melissa is a little more excited. I left this morning and she was smiling in her half-sleep state. Last night, Melissa cleaned the living room to prepare for the arrival of the cable guy. It felt oddly ceremonial, like when Jewish people clean house to prepare for the Passover meal.

I know it's en vogue to be critical of any pop culture consumption, especially when it comes from a TV. However, I would consider us more patrons or afficionados of American pop culture. Melissa and I love stories-- in whatever media. We watch TV, movies, read books, magazines, comics, listen to radio shows. One medium has not sucked the life from the other. We enjoy them all. Savor them.

And now, we have cable-- and something new, TV we can record. No longer will we have to stay up until 2 AM to watch Sqaure Pegs (that's what happened the last time we had cable TV). Once again, I can watch the Daily Show.

Our greatest contemporary artists and storytellers are those people who approach pop culture, not as a pariah, but as a canvas. So there, we like TV. Deal.

Since we've been out of the cable programming loop, any suggestions of good shows?