12/1/04 ~ And more!

Dead@17: Rough Cut Vol. 2 is available for pre-order in the December Previews catalog on page 342. While the first issue was a mere 48 pages, this anthology weighs in at an impressive 64 pages!

Go deeper inside the world, and learn never-before-revealed secrets about Nara, Violet, Malachi and the other characters that inhabit the universe. In addition to an all-new story by Josh Howard, this volume will feature returning creators such as Alex Hambry and Ben Hall, and will showcase Kazu Kibuishi (Flight, Daisy Kutter), Cal Slayton (Shades of Blue), Guy LeMay (Gone South) and more!

I'm part of the "and more!" In Previews, it seems to be a popular title for me. I've written short stories for the Silent Forest Television Parody Special (October catalog) and Western Tales of Terror #2 (November catalog). For both books, I'm "and more!" It's really quite cool. I've been in Previews three consecutive months. Sure as hell beats being "and nothing!"

For the second Rough Cut, I wrote a backstory on Winston and Malachi. It also involves Nara as an infant, but I don't want to go into any more details. (Gasp! I may have already said too much!) All in all, I'm happy with the script. Guy Lemay is currently doing the art, and he's amazingly talented.