11/30/04 ~ Emily Edison update

For those of you who have become early fans of Ms. Edison, artist Brock Rizy and I have been working hard to find a publisher for this series. Hopefully, in the next few months, we can give you an update.

I describe the story as a "super-powered family melodrama." Here's an overview:

John Edison, appliance repairman and super genius, never imagined one of his everyday inventions would cause a rift in the fabric of reality. Wherein, John met Lucilliana, who hails from another dimension. The two fell in love, got married, and gave birth to a baby girl, Emily.

However, these inter-dimensional romances never seem to last. Within a few years, they divorced. Now Emily travels through the rift to spend every other weekend with her mother. Emily finds her mom's world to be boring-- due to the lack of cool fashion, MTV, and puppies.

Grandpa Vigo (Lucilliana's father) also wishes he could see more of Emily. The solution? Destroy the Earth, thus giving Emily no choice but to live with them. So Emily must use her other worldly powers to stop her favorite grandfather from decimating the place she calls home.

So what's new? Brock recently designed a proposed cover for the first one-shot (shown above). I hope you like it.