This past week, I re-designed the website. The content is basically the same, but I thought a new look was in order. Antihero Comics, i.e. my work as a comic book writer, is entering into a new stage.

When I began to focus on my writing, I spent much of my time learning the craft, studying the pros, reading some helpful books, and basically searching for a clue. A year and a half later (after 300+ pages of script), some of my material is ready for mass consumption-- to be independently produced and sold. The "new look" signifies an increased set of expectations for myself. I want to improve as a writer and get people interested in my stories.

This weekend is Wizard World TX. I will be volunteering a good ten hours at the ACTOR booth. It will nice to hang out, meet with some cool artists and writers, and possibly snag a t-shirt. ACTOR is a good and necessary organization for comic book professionals. If you are at the convention, stop by to say "hi".
FRIDAY 4 pm - 7 pm
SATURDAY 10 am - 2 pm
SUNDAY 11 am - 2 pm

An upcoming episode of Fanboy Radio will feature a roundtable discussion with my friends Roxanne Bielskis, creator of *Poverty*, and Jeff Elden and Matt Leong of Exit 126. Our conversation will focus on the "do-it-yourself" approach to independent comics. I will be the guest co-host for this episode.

Speaking of Fanboy Radio, Scott Hinze opened an online store. I'm one of the featured t-shirts. And yes, I really did start a Comic Book Club when I was younger. Ask my friend Wim. We even created an annual awards event to recognize our favorite books.

The antihero cafepress store is still in existence. However, I will be making changes to it. I would like to partner with a particular local clothing company to create and sell cool antihero t-shirts. No use in doing it, unless it's done well.

On January 3rd, Dallas Comic Con will present a Fan Appreciation Day. Admission is free. So if you live in the DFW area, you won't want to blow this one off. Antihero Comics will have a booth at the event. More information soon.

On a personal note, Melissa finished her first trimester of the pregnancy. Our baby is due around May 29th. We're so incredibly excited; words fall short. In a few months, we'll know if it's a boy or a girl. We have a few names in mind, but we're keeping it hush-hush until the birth.

Other good news, Melissa and I will be buying a house. Yep, we're heading the way of home ownership. We received our loan approval letter and have a realtor. Now we're looking around.

Lastly and (possibly) most important of all, Melissa got me a really cool jacket.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!