Today is the launch of Comixology's "Submit" program. ASTRONAUT DAD was included in the beta. For anyone reading this from a computer, tablet, or smart phone (I don't know how else you would see these words), congratulations! You can click here, and be among the first to purchase ASTRONAUT DAD via Comixology.

Only $5.99 to download our 160 page graphic novel. It's a story about suburban life for three NASA families during the Cold War--art by Brent Schoonover (also artist for MR. MURDER IS DEAD, HORRORWOOD, and Surly Brewing Company's Darkness beer) and written by me (also writer for KARMA INCORPORATED, EMILY EDISON, and this blog post).

Why are you still here? Go here! And thank you for your support of independent and local (if you live near the Dallas and/or Saint Paul greater metropolitan region of this country) comics.