The October issue of D Magazine is now available. It's the "Best Doctors" issue, and we all love good doctors. Make sure to pick up an issue or two. Heck, by now, you should save yourself some money and just subscribe already. Magazine subscriptions are fun, and you need a little more Dallas in your life. For this issue, I wrote a profile on Mark Walters, the co-founder of Dallas Comic Con and man behind Bigfanboy.com. We spent a good hour at Quizno's, talking about life, love, fan culture, comics, and conventions. The story features amazing photography by Elizabeth Lavin (she also shot the Bad Kids Go To Hell, Downtown Arlington, Six Flags Mall, and Tammi True stories). So, check it out: Leader of the Geeks.

Note: I did not write the subhead "set phasers to fun." I hear that the National Magazine Awards has a category for "most cheesy wordplay in a headline or subhead." D Magazine is hungry for a return visit, and the call for entries starts November 1, 2012.