Every night, when my family eats dinner, we play "news and goods." We go around the table to share what happened that day and what we're happy about. Here's my news and goods for Friday: * I just submitted a feature story to Arlington Magazine about homebrewing. I also wrote a profile on J.R. Bentley's for the fledgling publication. The two pieces will appear in the September/October issue.

* Tomorrow, I will have a booth at Strip: The Dallas Webcomics Expo. It takes place at the Southfork Hotel in Plano. I'll be selling copies of ASTRONAUT DAD: THE COMPLETE EDITION and taking subscriptions for the SHORT STORY OF THE MONTH CLUB. (I think) I'm participating in a panel on "Print Media With the Pros" at 1:30 PM.

* Also tomorrow, starting at 4 PM, Lakewood Brewing Company (owned and operated by my friend Wim) will celebrate its "first tapping" at Goodfriend Beer Garden & Burger House. They will release two beers: Hop Trapp, a Belgian-style IPA, and Rock Ryder, an American Rye Wheat. I've had both, or earlier non-commercial scale versions of these beers, and both are very, very good.

* Upcoming stories for D Magazine? I have two. Right now, I'm working on a profile for the October issue. Since it's not finished, I won't announce anything yet, but it's "geek culture" related.

* The other story? I finished it a week ago. It's a concise 400-word piece about the Viridian housing development in North Arlington.

* The August short story "Lolito" should be available soon to all subscribers. I need to write the ending and edit. April is working on the front page artwork, and it looks great.

That's it for me. Do you have any "news and goods?" Feel free to share in the comments section.