Wizard World has a new contest available. You could win the chance to work for them. Here are the details: * Submit a video showing your crazy vlogging (not a word) skills. The video will be uploaded to the Wizard World's YouTube channel. * Get friends to vote on your video. * The top 10 contestants will work as videographers at the Wizard World Chicago Comic Con. You must cover at least two of the four days. * Wizard World will pay your admission to the convention. * Wizard World will not pay your airfare and accommodations.

How is this a contest? First, you are giving their YouTube channel free content AND freely promoting them. Second, you will be working for them, producing more video content for free. (Advance tickets are $75. Not including editing time, that's being paid $37.50 a day--hardly even minimum wage. It's not a deal.) Third, you have to pay your way there, including hotel and food. Congratulations, you won!

On Wizard World's end, it's not a bad idea. They get some enthusiastic vloggers (not a word) to help them out and add some media content to whatever it is they are now.

However, don't call it a contest. That's insulting to real contests. Just say you're looking for ten people willing to volunteer their time and talent to cover the Chicago convention. You'll find people happy to help. Want a better contest? Best dirty limerick wins, and you get lunch with the Boondock Saints. Sign me up.