The switch to Wordpress a few years ago kinda blew my mind. I had suffered through web design for several years, always with mixed results. In other words, I knew just enough to be bad at it. Once I started using Wordpress, things became so much easier. Last year, I decided to pay for a nicer theme. I bought Standard, and I've been very happy with it. Nice, clean design, simple to manage. Recently, they upgraded to 3.0, which is what you see here. (Ta-da!) I really like the changes they've made. The overall look is even cleaner and classier. For example, I really love the "quote" format in 3.0.

It's mobile theme ready. This means Standard 3.0 will detect mobile devices, both phones and tablets, and display my website optimized for that device. You can check this out on your smart phone. It's pretty cool.

It's search engine friendly. I can preview how my post will look in Google live as I create the post. Standard has self-educating SEO features.

They've improved the social icons, where I can now modify and create my own.

They moved all advertisements into widgets. All advertisements are managed from within the widget themselves. I should be adding a 300x250 ad in the right margin soon.

The author profile management is smarter, and everything is better integrated with the latest version of Wordpress.

Admittedly, I copy-and-pasted-and-adjusted a lot of this post from the email they sent to me. But it's all true! They sold me on Standard, and I'm used to using them.