Zeus and I have a special relationship. They keep my comics and graphic novels in stock and available through their online store (sales be damned). I do signings at their store whenever ANYTHING of mine is available. I put shameless self-promoting postcards and fliers on their counter. And in exchange... well, I haven't quite figured out what they get out of this friendship. But they seem to like me, so we'll go with that. They like me.

And on Wednesday, July 11th, I will be at Zeus signing copies of the recently released, complete, and not available in any stores (that I know of) ASTRONAUT DAD. Also, for anyone too jaded to click the "Buy Now" button on the right-side margin of this website, I'll charm you into a subscription for SHORT STORY OF THE MONTH CLUB.

Mark your calendar: Signing at ZEUS COMICS 4411 Lemmon Ave, Dallas TX Wednesday, July 11th, 11 AM to 6 PM

Thank you, Zeus. I'm sure someday I'll be worthy of your love.