The past few weeks, I've been busy finishing out the school year and getting my classroom cleared. We also had a family road trip. In all the rush, I haven't had a chance to make an important announcement. Brent beat me to it. ASTRONAUT DAD: THE COLLECTED EDITION is now available on Amazon. See for yourself.

This paperback graphic novel includes volume 1 and (previously unreleased) volume 2. All 162 pages. If you've read my blog, you have followed the ups and downs of getting this story published. Brent and I decided to publish it ourselves through a print-on-demand company and sell it online. We're very proud of what we created.

To order:

If you live in the Dallas Fort Worth area, I'm planning a store signing at Zeus within the next few weeks. I'll have copies of ASTRONAUT DAD available. More information coming soon.