Lakewood Brewing Company is close, so close. (Click here to read their latest update.) A few months ago, I wrote a story for D Magazine about the three Dallas-area breweries. And now, Lakewood has its equipment. All the paperwork has been filed. They have TABC approval. The plumbers and electricians are doing what they do. So close, you can almost taste it. Literally. It's beer. I don't know where you'll be when you have your first Lakewood beer. However, in honor of this new start, I'd like to give a toast to my friends Wim and Trevor. Raise your glass. I'll raise mine.

"No life is wasted in the appreciation of simple pleasures. Some pleasures are the product of long days and loving artistry. I'm talking about the beer here. It may sound silly to be inspired by a beer company, but Lakewood Brewing has inspired me. Wim talks about his company--and I hear a person not disheartened by hard work, not daunted by the dedication required, and not embarrassed by his own enthusiasm. The end result of such focus is never wasted. I have unwavering respect for Wim and Trevor, for what will be an incredible adventure over the next few years. For me, beer never tasted so good. Cheers."

For more about Lakewood Brewing, go here.