A month ago, I sold my last copy of ANTIGONE, an adaptation created by Tom Kurzanski and me. I talked with Tom, and we decided to make the comic available online in its entirety. Go to my published work page and scroll down. It's there, all 32 pages. A few times every year, I will have a teacher or college student contact me about obtaining a copy. I'm glad that people have shown interest in it. However, I quickly remind them this is an adaptation. While the story is all there, I did condense each scene. And like a director, I took a few creative liberties based on my own interpretation of the material (the most obvious: Antigone kissing Ismene as a way to humiliate and exert power over her). Also, I remind teachers that I never intended for this comic to be used in the classroom.

I'm proud of what Tom and I created. It's always a pleasure to work with him. Tom's shown me a tremendous amount of trust and has helped me become a better storyteller. ANTIGONE was honored as the "Indie Pick of the Month" by the Comics Buyer’s Guide. People said nice things about it, which makes me feel good.

“The comic does in 32 pages (all story) what most adaptations of such plays don’t manage in far lengthier productions: tell the story adeptly. Not only does it cover the main points and convey the themes, it also maintains a pleasant and page-turning pace — and it does all of this while keeping the entertainment goodness. As someone who has studied and taught Sophocles (including Antigone), I give serious kudos to the creative team here, especially writer David Hopkins.” — Ray Sidman, Comics Buyer’s Guide

“Silent Devil’s Antigone is a great adaptation of an ancient play that is both entertaining and powerful, making for a morality play that resonates centuries after the original was penned.” — Matthew McLean, The Comics Review

“A compelling mashup unlike anything else on the stands. It’s always a comfort to see a creator like David Hopkins trying new things with the form.” — Miles Gunter, writer for NYC Mech, Zombee, and Bastard Samurai

“Plot-wise, nothing is altered from the source material, yet what Hopkins has altered is just this side of brilliant.” “Antigone is a superior work that bridges the gap between comic books and literature.” — Dave Baxter, Broken Frontier

“Antigone is a classicist’s dream, a great example of how relevant and exciting these stories really are. It’s a comic fan’s delight, as it’s got a nice fresh look, a great sense of design and a witty and refreshing writing style. Whether you’re into Aeschylus or Action Comics, you’ll love it.” — Leah Moore, writer for Wild Girl, Albion, Tom Strong’s Terrific Tales

Also, Leah apparently gave a copy of ANTIGONE to her dad, which is pretty cool.

So now, ANTIGONE is available to everyone. Feel free to share, retweet, repost, and remind.

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