In 2008, Tim Rogers posted a commentary on why the word "metroplex" needs to die. More recently, there's been debate on Twitter ("dork fight") between Tim and Texas Monthly editor Jake Silverstein about the m-word. With respect to Silverstein and his wonderful publication (call me), I agree with Tim. It's an awkward and unnecessary word. Worst of all, it sounds dated. I imagine Charles Eames using it for one of his corporate promotional videos: "Come to where the fun is. Come to the... METROPLEX!"

As a sign of solidarity, I've gone through my blog -- and I've assassinated the word wherever it appears. Out of 1,210 posts, I only used the word twice. Ironically, I've used the word twice in this very post. Maybe I didn't assassinate the word; I relocated it. I quarantined the word. Here. Where I can keep a close watch over it.

For most citizens of the greater Dallas Forth Worth area, it's a goofy discussion. However, as a person who owns the most recent edition of the Associated Press Stylebook, as a person who downloaded a dictionary flashcard app for fun, I care about words. I like how certain words sound. I have favorite words. I view adverbs with suspicious glances and believe transitive verbs kick ass. I'd probably blog more if I didn't waste so much time trying to eliminate unnecessary instances of the word "that". I still don't like using "blog" as a verb. And I refuse to acknowledge "vlog" even exists. "Tweet" is growing on me. But the m-word needs to go.