I have the privilege to work with some very talented student writers as their UIL Ready Writing coach. We meet every Friday during lunch to prepare for our next tournament. As something new, I decided to start a book club with them. We're reading A WRITER'S COACH by Jack Hart--one chapter a week. I'd highly recommend this book. I appreciate Hart's willingness to cut the BS regarding the writing process. He dares to suggest that writing is hard because you're not working hard enough. He puts the blame back on the writer, which I respect.

"Inefficient writers who barely produce and never make deadline usually delude themselves with the notion that writing is a mystical process and can't be hurried. They aren't in charge--their muse is. And she's a fickle, sensitive creative. That's just a comforting excuse for delay. You make inspired writing possible when you follow the natural progression of the writing process." (page 24)