I'm now using a different Wordpress theme for my website. It still needs a little tweaking here and there. I'm also taking this opportunity to update the copy on some pages. Basically, I'm redeveloping the whole site to solicit more freelance work outside of comics. That's the goal. For anyone who has ever had to write their own bio, you know the egocentric challenge of writing in third person. Third person can sound arrogant. "David Hopkins does this" and "David Hopkins likes that," "David Hopkins has a dog and wants you to know about it," you all realize that it's me writing every word, yes? However, first person feels limiting too. I don't want every sentence to begin with I. It's tricky. My current strategy is for the blog to be in first person. That makes sense. And all the pages (published work, about, contact, press), I keep in third person.

Fellow bloggers and freelancers with a personal website, what are your thoughts on first person vs. third person? I found this article, this one and also this one.

No doubt about it, I need to rewrite my bio. It's rather boring.

David Hopkins is a regular contributor to D Magazine, Quick, and Smart Pop. He has written comic books and graphic novels in a variety of genres. David produces Fanboy Radio’s Indie Show. For the past twelve years, he’s taught English and Creative Writing at Martin High School. David lives in Arlington, Texas with his wife April, daughter Kennedy, and his dog Berkeley.