After using the "viala” Wordpress theme for quite a while, it was time to try something new. I've switched over to Standard theme created by 8Bit. So far, I'm still figuring out how everything works. I can't seem to get my published works page just how I want it, and my lightbox plugin doesn't seem to be working. And I don't have a title/logo on my site. April is working on a new logo and something for my business cards. In another week or so, the site should look rather lovely. Despite all the random dust of moving to a new WP theme, there are somethings that Standard does very well.This theme is clearly more "social network" friendly with all the share buttons on the left side. It also is very blog friendly. I've never used the "continue reading..." jump function for my old posts, but now I can tease visitors with a few lines from each post on the main page. Also, there's more options I haven't even played with yet. The theme will specially format a video, a link, a lone image, or a quote. I need to figure it all out. Give me time. I asked Paul Milligan and April for some feedback on my old site. Both agree that it was a little cluttered, especially on the main page. What this current theme lacks in originality it makes up for in a clean and approachable design.

What are your thoughts on the new look?

UPDATE: I loaded a new lightbox plugin, and it works even better than the previous one. Rock'n'roll.