Last month came and went, no posts. Sorry about that. The wedding is fast approaching. According to our wedding site, we have 52 more days to go. April has a wonderful blog (click here), which documents some of the hard work she's put into our wedding. April assures me that I've been helpful. I've been in charge of gathering addresses, booking the DJ (still need to send him our packet of information), the hotels, the rental car, and I'm sure that I've done some other stuff.

School is hectic. After Spring Break, until we reach the end of the school year, it's always hectic. Students get restless. Teachers get more sarcastic and short tempered. At this time of year, I always seem to go through deep introspection about the career I've chosen.

Dallas Comic Con is coming up, May 21st and 22nd. It hard to imagine that the show could get any bigger with a line-up like this: click here. I don't have anything new to sell. I'll probably reserve my table space for promoting WE'VE NEVER MET, published weekly in Quick.

I just sent in my latest rewrite of an essay that should appear in the Walking Dead Smart Pop (release date: November 1, 2011). My Smart Pop essays always seem to fall victim to poor timing. Exhibit A: In my Spider-Man Smart Pop essay, my thesis was that, more than any other superhero, Spider-Man holds onto his secret identity the tightest. As I wrote the essay, Civil War #2 came out. Peter Parker announces that he's Spider-Man. I had to add a little more to the essay to further defend my thesis. Exhibit B: My Walking Dead essay is about how Carl is the true protagonist of Walking Dead. For anyone who reads the series month to month, you know that I'm holding my breath about the next issue.

The Texas Amateur Chess Tournament is in a few weeks. I went last year, and now I'm in training for this year's tournament. Yes, chess players train -- books, instructional videos, tactic puzzles, practice games. I've been on a good run lately. 7-3 over the past two tournaments. I've won some games against much higher rated players. However, this blog is about writing. If you want to see my tournament matches, you can click here.

As far as big projects go, I've been scaling back lately. I'm working a few things here and there, but trying to find a more manageable pace. Hopefully, though, I'll have some announcements soon.