Hey November. Where did you go? I didn't post anything last month. Remember last year? Last year, I was busy coordinating a mini-comic project (ONE NIGHT STAND) with thirty different artists. Chad and I had also started work on WE'VE NEVER MET. And I was desperately trying to get out of debt. This year is better.

I got out of debt in May. (Thank you. Thank you.) Of course, then I got in engaged on July 3rd, and we went back into debt planning for the wedding. Good debt in my opinion. We'll get back out of debt in 2012! Then, we may start looking for a new house and we'll be back in debt. It never ends.

Also, no mini-comic project this year. Don't get me wrong. ONE NIGHT STAND was a huge personal accomplishment. I'm very proud of what we created. I'm just in no rush to try it again.

After a year, WE'VE NEVER MET has moved from every other week to every week. That's 52 pages each year. The story, I think, has also found its voice. The series did not come into its own until WNM #6 -- still one of my favorites. And it's getting better. I only hope that Quick continues to adore us and that Chad still digs our work. If we keep doing this for a few years, who knows where the story might lead? It's exciting. My biggest/only concern is developing the local fanbase. I don't get much feedback from readers, and I miss that. With my graphic novels EMILY EDISON, KARMA INCORPORATED, or ASTRONAUT DAD, we had people reviewing that work. Sometimes the reviews made me cringe, but I didn't mind. It let me know that people care enough to have opinions. Even if their opinions were wrong.

Also, I'm working on my first feature for D Magazine. Pray for me. I plan to have it finished by Friday.

Let's talk about the wedding. April and I have set the date for June 25th. It's going to be in northwest Wisconsin near Rice Lake in a barn, this barn. We have a minister officiating, this minister. We have a photographer, this photographer. We have a DJ, this DJ. We booked our honeymoon here. April bought her dress and her shoes. Last Saturday, April, Kennedy, and I went to museum district of Fort Worth for our engagement/family photos. April's friend Andra took the photos, and we're anxious to see them. It was fun. We're getting everything together.