I hate the weather right now (even with AC blasting in my car, it's still intolerably hot). And I'm not completely ready to return to school. But one good thing can be said about August: another Dallas Comic Con! Dallas Comic Con always brings in some great media guests. However, I'm especially excited about... wait for it... Edward James Olmos. Frackin' Admiral Adama! The guy saved human civilization (belated BSG spoiler alert), and now he's coming to Dallas. He wins major geek cred for going to the United Nations and leading everyone in a chant of "So say we all" (video). This is a man you want to meet.

Among the comic guests, Adam Warren is making a rare appearance. He helped popularize the "manga art style" in mainstream American comics. I'm truly excited to see him. Other guests include: Keith Pollard, Angel Medina, Mark Brooks, Pat Broderick, June Brigman (co-creator and artist of Power Pack -- I love Power Pack), Roy Richardson, Kerry Gammill, Kez Wilson, Ben Dunn, James O'Barr, Josh Howard, Joe Eisma, Steve Erwin, John Lucas, Brian Denham, Andrew Mangum, Brent Peeples, Evan Bryce, Cal Slayton, Richard Dominguez, Lawrence Reynolds, Bill Williams, and more.

So you missed San Diego Comic-Con. Boo hoo. Think of this as your last chance to geek-out this summer.