As my dear friend Leah announced today on the Smart Pop blog, the new and improved site is no longer in beta. If you haven't already, you need to check it out -- It's a fun resource of geeky pop culture essays. Smart Pop has always walked a line that I fully embrace (that's a mixed metaphor). It values pop culture enough to give it serious intellectual consideration and yet loves pop culture enough to not take it too seriously. The revised website has an option where you can "like" certain essays and even buy them individually for 99 cents.

Thus, now would be a perfect time to remind you of my essays: "A History of Violence" (from THE MAN FROM KRYPTON) -and- "Secrets and Secret-Keepers" (from WEBSLINGER)

Even though I'm proud of both, I'll admit I'm partial to the Spider-Man essay. There was an insane amount of research that went into constructing that one. The essay feels a little more focused.

It doesn't seem like that long ago, but from looking at the publication date, it's been three years since my last Smart Pop essay. I need to submit something new,  or see if Leah would let me contribute to the blog. I'm enjoying the weekly LOST recaps by Geoff Klock (most recent), which are now part of my LOST routine. 1. Watch LOST. 2. Listen to Jay and Jack podcast. 3. Visit Lostpedia. 4. Read Smart Pop recap.

Yes, I have a routine. Leave me alone.

IN OTHER NEWS: The latest WE'VE NEVER MET is available (click here). The NX35 storyline continues.