It's a little late, but I wanted to post a few thoughts about Dallas Comic Con from two weeks ago (photos on Flickr). Mark Walters and Ben Stevens do a consistently great job running this show. I can't tell if Dallas Comic Con is a small convention that feels big or a big convention that feels small. Either way, it certainly straddles that gulf between the well known "must attend" conventions and the obscure local shows. Mark and Ben bring interesting media guests and a nice variety of comic book creators. They've been very hospitable to the regular locals, and make it feel like this is "our show" too. Brock Rizy, Paul Milligan, and I shared a table. Brock was going to be located near the bathroom entrance, but no one wants that fate -- so we adopted him. It's always nice to have an artist on either side, because I get to watch them work on commissions, which is far more interesting than just trying to sell more comics.

It was cool to see copies of ONE NIGHT STAND everywhere. Several contributing artists were guests at Dallas Comic Con, and they all had their copies. One attendee was going from table to table getting autographs.

My main goal was to distribute the D Magazine/Quick postcards. I went through about 500, and I have 500 left for various locales around town.

After the show on Saturday, a bunch of us went to Freebirds, which was a lot of fun. Foil art!

Later that night, Brock, Paul, and I went to the ArtLoveMagic event at Southside Lamar. I think it was their best event so far. We didn't stay long, but I had a chance to hang out with Jim Mahfood and Kristian Donaldson (who has been super busy lately on Vertigo project 99 DAYS). The event was incredibly crowded. Paul, Brock, and I were asked to move out of the way to make space for a break dance battle. Yes, he used the word "battle." Not that I would ever disparage the fine art of break dancing, but seriously, how many times in one's life are you asked to move so someone can "fight dance"? Call me crazy, but I think they're nerdier than I am.

Sunday was slow, but there was a steady flow of people. Brock, Paul, and I entertained ourselves with the possibility of me changing my name to "Jumbo Pop" and assuming a new rock star comic book persona. Brock and Paul had names, but I can't remember them. Sorry guys. "Jumbo Pop" stole the spotlight. Okay, maybe I am nerdier than the break dancers.

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