I've left Blogger (because) and moved to using WordPress. Honestly, now that I've switched over, I can't believe I didn't do this sooner. It is so much nicer to have every aspect of this site contained within my own domain -- blogging, widgets, etc. I don't know enough about CSS stylesheets to design my own site. (Do you remember how simple the last version was? Yeah, I did that myself.) I'm using a theme developed by David Garlitz, which I like: "puts the content at the forefront, without cluttering the user experience with too much 'design.' " I like the newspaper format, where the most recent post is "above the fold." I've received a mostly favorable response. April is just glad I'm no longer using Courier font. With the new site, you lose the joy of simply scrolling through post after post. There's more clicking involved. I tend to write longer posts and usually update only a few times each week, so I don't think you'll miss much. We'll see how people like it and use it. The main content is the same. I have a page of my published works with over 150 pages of previews from my comics and complete short stories, plus script pdfs for anyone who is into that stuff. I also have my press and contact page, which features a variety of random information about me.

I now have my posts tagged and organized in categories. It'll take awhile to get everything updated. There's 1,000 blog posts going all the way back to 2003. A lot has happened in those seven years.

For those who follow me via RSS reader, the link has changed:

Unfortunately, I lost my Haloscan/Echo comments. I couldn't find a way to export them to Wordpress. Thus, that witty retort you made in 2004 about something stupid I wrote? Gone forever. Sorry. The WordPress comments are better integrated with the whole site. No more pop-ups! Plus, I can manage everything from my one Dashboard.

In version 7.0, I had a lovely portrait illustrated by Dave Crosland. For this site, the front page has an image from a random comic I wrote. I will try to rotate the images every day. It's fairly easy to upload. I know there's a javascript where the images will automatically rotate each time you hit "refresh," but I don't want to mess with the stylesheet for fear of crashing my site.

I would also like to find a plugin that allows for easier navigation through the preview images in the published works section. Years ago, I manually added each new page for every preview. That was a pain. I still haven't found the right plugin. Guidance in this area by someone more knowledgeable would be greatly appreciated.

So, welcome. New website. And hopefully, more good news in 2010. Thank you everyone who has supported me and followed my attempts to stumble into a writing career.