The January issue of D Magazine is now available in newsstands around town. It features a new installment of SOUVENIR OF DALLAS (click here). Also, this week's Quick has the latest WE'VE NEVER MET (click here).

SOUVENIR OF DALLAS covers the opening of Main Street Garden in downtown Dallas. I attended. (What? You think I make all this stuff up?) It's a beautiful park, and finally we have some green in a downtown dominated by concrete. Score. However, being satire, it wouldn't be any fun for the comic to leave it at that.

WE'VE NEVER MET introduces Trenton, one of Liz's best friends and a fearless bike rider. I was a little worried that I'd get a negative response from the biking community, especially my friends at Bike-Friendly Oak Cliff. However, with the exception of this twitter post from Pedal Dallas, I haven't heard much. Maybe everyone is still worn out from the Observer's big story on the subject? Yes, it's not a good idea to ride on the highway without a helmet and other proper equipment (rear-view mirrors, etc). It's also probably bad for someone to ride with you, standing on your back wheel pegs, at night, on the highway. This comic might stereotype bicyclists as having unrealistic expectations of their place within traffic. If you feel slighted, let me know! Alas, responsible behavior just isn't as funny. Given the chance, Trenton will grow as a character. Mostly, I wanted to make one big statement with this issue: It is possible to live in Dallas without a car, but it's probably not easy. Trains, buses, and bicycles will be instrumental, along with other creative alternatives.

The next WE'VE NEVER MET will come out December 31st and will debut our new logo, designed by Jenni Leder.

Currently, Paul, Chad, and I are working on some postcards to promote SOUVENIR and WE'VE NEVER MET. I should have them ready by January's Dallas Comic Con.

In other news, I shipped ONE NIGHT STAND to retailers yesterday. If you live near one of these stores, pick up your copy on December 30th. On that day, I'll be signing at Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles with Cat Staggs, Sina Grace, and Christopher Higginson.

Comps will be sent soon to the artists involved. If you are a ONE NIGHT STAND artist, try to wait for your comps. I want regular store customers to have a chance at this mini-comic. Supplies will be limited.

One random link: Here's a humorous and insightful review of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (click here). It's 70 minutes in length and worth every minute. This video actually doubles as a fairly good Creative Writing lecture on critical mistakes made with characters and plot. Valuable stuff to keep in mind when you work on your next story.