This past Saturday was the 5th annual Art Conspiracy (commentary and slide show by the Observer: click here, video by Ben Smithson: click here). I said it a few years ago, and the statement still holds true, this is the coolest event in Dallas. Art and music, all in support of a good cause.

photo by Ange Fitzgerald

Here are a few things I noticed:

* The programs looked pretty. I kept looking at them throughout the night. Delicious full color, nice, glossy paper.

* Partnering with KERA's Art&Seek was genius, a good match for both sides.

* Last year was the year of Red Stripe. Lots and lots of Red Stripe. I'm glad they added more variety this year.

* April is a really good artist, and she needs to go further with it.

* It's a crime that Kristian Donaldson did not participate this year. (I know you were probably busy, but Dallas art is incomplete without you.)

* Never heard The Boom Boom Box before. I really like them. It makes me feel like I'm 17 again, in a good way.

* Paul Slavens looks like a pimp, in a good way.

* I was happy with my piece until it went for only $40. I know that's shallow, but I'm thinking about the charity here. Yes? No, I'm shallow. Next year, just wait, next year, I will blow minds!

* April and I bought our first piece this year, an amazing print by David Wilson.

* Don't try to outbid a guy in a pinstripe suit.

* Gosh darn it. They stuck to the schedule.

* Tania Kaufmann has the best artist bio ever. "Pew Pew."

* I missed some of my friends who were there, and I didn't get a chance to chat with them. Just reminds me that I need to visit Dallas more often.

* Everyone was talking about how cold it was this year. It wasn't that bad.

* Best stage ever (click here).