In my little world, this is a big deal.

Next Thursday, November 19th, Quick (Dallas-Fort Worth area’s free weekly entertainment newspaper) will debut a full page, full color, comic series written by me and illustrated by Chad Thomas. It's titled: WE'VE NEVER MET. It's the story of Liz, a girl who grew up in the secure bubble of Dallas wealth and privilege -- and after graduating, moved to a studio loft in Exposition Park to pursue a career as a musician, working two part-time jobs.

It's a story about the small creative community within Dallas. You can expect some humor, some local flavor, and if they will let me, a little bit of relationship drama. The comic will appear every other week in Quick.

Alternating weeks with WE'VE NEVER MET will be a comic feature written by Stacy Austin Sheffield (aka Geoff Johnston) and illustrated by Cal Slayton.

Let me emphasis how cool this is: Quick is publishing a regular ongoing comic series. Nothing syndicated. It's specific to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I'm excited to see what the response will be.

Thus, I now have a comic in D Magazine (illustrated by Paul Milligan) that appears every other month, and a comic in Quick that appears every other week. D Magazine has a readership of 30,000 people. And Quick reaches more than 90,000 per week. The potential audience is staggering.

UPDATE: "With a circulation of 65,500 and 6.45 readers per copy, we get about 422,000 readers every month. So there." - Tim Rogers of D Magazine

On an artistic level, I'm encouraged by the freedom I've been given and the opportunity to write something ongoing. It will be interesting to sit back and see where the story takes me. WE'VE NEVER MET may only last a few months, or it might be the beginning of something epic. Who knows? Either way, it all starts November 19th.