The October issue of D Magazine is now available. On page 20 of the "Pulse" section, Paul Milligan and I have our SOUVENIR OF DALLAS comic. I really enjoyed writing this one. We brought back the red neon pegasus and made fun of Reunion Tower. You can buy a copy at any local grocery store or bookstore. And of course, if you love the comic, write the editors and tell them.

Procrastination is a monster -- a terrible horrible beast seeking to take away what you hold most dear, your creative willpower. So many fall victim. Here's how I procrastinate: I create another project, get excited about that and then move away from what I was working on. Yes, ONE NIGHT STAND started as a way to avoid writing my novel. It's true. Now that I've written all the scripts for that lovely mini-comic, I'm back to my novel. And wouldn't you know it? There's now another idea I've been toying with, a future graphic novel that is invading my headspace.

These distractions can be good things. In the case of ONE NIGHT STAND, I'm incredibly optimistic. If you look at all the talented people involved, it might be one of the best projects I've ever worked on. Plus, the support for this endeavor has been tremendous (click here). However, sometimes, these new ideas keep me spread too thin. This is how I end up with six projects-in-progress and nothing published.

Speaking of, I don't have any updates on the status of ASTRONAUT DAD or HOW TO LOSE BIG. So there. My wise and mighty agent is on the hunt for a publisher. Hopefully, there will be some good news soon.

Same for EMILY EDISON 2. Brock and I are working on another Emily Edison graphic novel. However, we don't have anything we can report. Except the working title. It's... nah, I can't tell you. Sorry.

Don't forget that Brock is posting a Koo story (Emily's half-sister, remember?) on his site. This story will act as a nice lead into the next graphic novel. Thus far: Prologue - Part 001 - Part 002 - Part 003