Brock Rizy posted the first pages of "Koo Too" (click here) on his website. This short story was entirely written and illustrated by Brock. I looked at his script beforehand, but didn't have any notes. We've been discussing the future of Emily and Koo for awhile. "Koo Too" and "Emily Edison Stomps Sassy Pants" fit within our master plan for a second volume. You're getting a few pieces of the puzzle. You may want to re-read volume 1 (I'll have copies available at Dallas Comic Con). There are a few hints tucked away.

The synopsis for volume 2 is more or less complete. We've worked through all the details. The first series was originally conceived as a monthly comic book. Each issue had a self-contained story with a developing subplot that grew to dominate the final issue -- Continuity 101. However, the second series is a much bigger story.

We'll keep you posted on its progress.