For those who worry that a year spent writing a novel will mean a year with no comics from me (awww... thank you hypothetical fan, too kind), you'll be glad to know that won't be the case. I will have short stories featured in PopGun Vol. 4, Outlaw Territory Vol. 3, the roller derby anthology from Oni Press, plus another anthology searching for a publisher. That's four comics right there. ASTRONAUT DAD is finished (as previously mentioned), and I completed the first draft for HOW TO LOSE BIG. So that's six. Brock and I are working on EMILY EDISON 2. The synopsis is shaping up nicely. That's a potential seventh comic. And by the time all this stuff arrives at your neighborhood retailer, the novel (which we're not supposed to talk about) will be finished. Hopefully. And I'll be ready to write more comics.

It's a perfect plan.