I have a superstition. I believe that the more you talk about a book (before it's finished) the less likely it will happen. If I go on and on, it jinxes the book. I have evidence to support this claim. Think of all those friends who told you they were writing a novel.

Now, where is that novel?

So, it is with great fear that I tell everyone: this week, I'm starting my novel. Yes, an actual novel.

I spent the summer finishing KARMA INCORPORATED: VICE & VIRTUE and HOW TO LOSE BIG in order to clear some room in my schedule. With the exception of an occasional short story or Souvenir of Dallas comic, I plan to focus solely on the novel. Before any of you recommend NaNoWriMo as a solution to getting my novel done... no. This isn't an experiment or a dare. This novel is a thoughtful and passionate endeavor. In that regard, it's no different from any other story I've written. At the same time, it's a frickin' novel. I haven't written one of those before.

I have the synopsis more or less finished. I've decided to no longer pursue BOLIVAR as a graphic novel. I've changed the title, re-worked the plot, and trying it as literary prose. I feel good about it. The story was too big as a graphic novel. I kept taking short cuts to reduce the page count for the artist. Now, the only one I'm punishing is myself.

This novel is three stories in one -- a mythic journey into the spirit world, a family's experience during World War II, and a glimpse into the ghosts of Galveston's tragic history. It's an American fantasy. Folklore, mythology, religion, and fairy tales all mix together. Think Carnivale, Bayou, Pan's Labyrinth, and American Gods.

"I never go back to the Island without sensing the ghosts. I can't think of a place where they run thicker." - Gary Cartwright, Galveston: A History of The Island

There you go. I'm going to shut up now. Hopefully to avoid the jinx.