Today, I was scripting the final segment of PRINCESSES VS. UNICORNS. (Speaking of which, I got some page layouts and a character design from Alison Acton. The art looks awesome!) I'm now on page 119 of HOW TO LOSE BIG. According to my writing program, there are 16,783 words in the script. 5,190 of the words were in dialogue. Not bad. However, one word was eluding me: the sfx of a knife stabbing someone. It needed to sound gross. I'll admit my use of onomatopoeia is fairly boring. I use "blam" or "bang" for gun shots. I use "snap" for a variety of things breaking. "Crash" if it is really breaking. And so on. But what is the sound of a stabbing? The action is contained within one panel. So to show the character is being stabbed repeatedly, the repetition of the onomatopoeia is essential. "Stab! Stab! Stab!" Isn't this a lovely topic?

In times of trouble, Twitter is a useful way to get quick feedback. I posed the question, and got some interesting responses. I thought I'd share them. There are a few repeats.

Sqwelp! Shunk! Plorkk! Sphhhlt! Schunk! Glurnk! Shluk! Sshhluck! Thwump! Penetrated! Shluk! Klshuk! Shnk! Schloook! Chut! Shik! Fffftt! Shank! Splitch! Pkkkhht! Pllkkkcchhhh! Plik! Shplort! Slice! Bleed! Shhhhhunk! Glish! Shhtaab!

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