I love Raven Gregory. He's a sweet guy and a very talented writer. I follow him on twitter. His most interesting comments usually occur at odd hours. These 27 "tweets" (still don't like that word) occurred four hours ago, which would place them at around 4 AM Central Standard Time. The beauty of copy and paste, I arranged everything in correct order.

All in all, great advice.

Now for the tech shit. 1. Write. Write a lot. Write and read a fucking LOT. Look at this career as if you were studying to be a doctor

because that's how long it usually takes. I starting writing THE GIFT (from Image Comics go buy that shit) back in 2000

published in 2003 and made it to Image in 2005. Didn't start making a living off comics until I got fired from my day job in 2007 and had

two babies and a wife to feed. Talk about putting afire under my ass.

2. Get to conventions. As many as you can. If you want to work in this business you need to meet the people who can give you a job or

produce your books. Networking is key. Be likable. Don't be a dick. And never make excuses because at your level no one gives a fuck

at my level no one gives a fuck....only when you are at an A-lister level will anyone give a fuck about your excuse...

3. Self publish. Go out and show that you can make a comic. Better yet...make a comic I like. If you can do that...I might give you a job

but know that you still have to go through three other people besides me before you can even be approached to get a gig.

4. Buy me drinks. Yes, it's petty and low but being a likable guy or gal in this business goes a long way. Talent will take you far.

Being liked will take you the rest of the way.

Be professional. Don't get drunk and wear a shirt for pants because that will do nothing to advance your career. Just take my word on it

5. NEVER and I MEAN FUCKING NEVER BAD TALK ANYONE. THis industry is small and shit does get back to people. I have loved some writers

work but because they were a dick to my boy I will never give them a gig.

6. Write from the heart and give it your all. I don't care if you are being paid a G for a couple hours work, or working for free, you

better put your all into it as you never know what someone will read and dig that will lead to a job opportunity.

7. Get the fuck out of your own way. Seriously, porn, video games, TV, clubbing, none of this shit will get you to the end of the rainbow

any faster. Focus. Get tunnel vision. You can make this shit real but only if you are willing to put in the time and the work.

8. READ. Yes, I know I said this before but you should be seeing everything you can that works and doesn't work. It's all goes into the

pool of who you are and who you will become. Nothing comes from a void so get to putting shit in your head and write your ass off

9. Believe in yourself. Many years ago me and my mom were talking. And somehow we got on the subject of Stephen King and I made the

comment that the reason "something" worked is because it was SK and there's only one SK. My mom, love her to death, responded...

"There's only one Raven Gregory" Remember that...there's only one you. Only you can do what you do. Now go out and show the world who U R

10. Booze is your friend, never take advice from a drinker, and anal is not all it's cracked up to be. Instead of writing I give you this

Hope it helps and if it a couple years...make sure you pay that shit forward as no one gets anywhere in this biz without the words

(two hours later)

And last but certainly not least. Be fierce. No one is going to come to you and give you the keys to the kingdom. You are going to have

to out there and prove that you deserve the shot.