Here are the comics I ordered this week from Zeus Comics.

INVINCIBLE, VOL. 10: WHO'S THE BOSS by Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley (Image Comics). I've said this before, but INVINCIBLE is my favorite super hero comic. Actually, nowadays, it may be the only super hero comic I read -- unless you count UMBRELLA ACADEMY. Kirkman's work is always enjoyable. I love how he sets up future storylines and slowly builds the plot over several issues. I love how his characters truly talk to each other. They work stuff out. They have mature, sensible conversations. Read most comic books (mine included) and the interactions sound like bad community theater. "Stop that!" "I will not!" "You better or you'll be sorry." "You're acting like Dad." "How could you say such a thing!" Ugh. In contrast, Kirkman's dialogue is patient and intelligent -- note the beautiful scene between Mark and Eve during their first real date.

PLUTO: URASAWA X TEZUKA, VOL. 3 by Naoki Urasawa (VIZ Media). Between PLUTO and MONSTER (I'm on vol. 6 right now), I absolutely love Naoki Urasawa. This guy can tell a story. Every chapter is a seminar on how take your reader by the throat. I'd consider Urasawa a perfect recommendation for people who swear they don't like manga. And yes, 20TH CENTURY BOYS is next on my reading list.