I live in Arlington, and it's almost time for City Council elections -- a good time to email my representative in Place 5, Lana Wolff. I feel uninformed and disconnected from these officials. And it's a shame, because they have a huge impact on us.

I thought I'd share the email I sent to Mrs. Wolff a few hours ago.

Dear Mrs. Wolff,

I realize you may be very busy with the upcoming election. I am one of your constituents. I have lived on Ravenwood Drive for the past five years. I'm an English teacher at Martin High School. I fully intend to vote, and I wanted to make you aware of my concerns for Arlington. I contacted you with similar concerns in 2007.

1. Developing business in central Arlington. We have the Arlington Highlands along I-20, and the new Stadium along I-30. I'm worried about the economic health of central Arlington, especially with the growing troubles at the GM plant. We cannot abandon this area to economic ruin.

Oak Cliff has done well with the Bishop Arts District, developing what was previously an impoverished area. Central Arlington may not be able to attract the popular franchise retailers, nor should it, but it would be a wonderful place for artsy/locally-owned establishments. Bishop Arts District could serve as a model.

2. Public transportation. Arlington is too big to not have some form of public transportation. Without it, Arlington is disconnected. We do not reap the benefits of commercial growth, if people cannot move easily throughout the city. Making Arlington more friendly to bicycle commuting would be a great improvement (http://bikefriendlyoc.wordpress.com).

Thank you for your time.

Sincerely, David Hopkins

So, I guess the general statement is that I love Arlington -- but if I could move to Oak Cliff, I would.