The signing on Wednesday went very well. Zeus Comics ordered 12 copies of PopGun Vol. 3, and we sold all 12 copies in one day. They will order some more. I also sold a few of my other books, and Zeus was happy to reorder and resupply. So, yes, go to Zeus and they have all my stuff. Their support falls into the beautiful category of "above and beyond." Richard, Barry, I hope you realize how incredible you are.

(Diplomatic fun fact: Other retailers have also been very cool. Titan keeps a good stock. They might be one of the few places where you can still find KARMA INCORPORATED #1. Jeremy is one of the nicer guys in the business, and my daughter loves playing in the kid's area. Madness Comics in Denton hosted a wonderful Free Comic Book Day signing last year with me, Brian Denham, and Robin Gillespie. Austin Books is a mecca for anyone who loves independent and small press comics. I've seen Lone Star Comics carry copies of EMILY EDISON and ASTRONAUT DAD in their local section. Outside of Texas, Speeding Bullet in Norman, OK and Astrokitty Comics in Lawrence, KS have been a home away from home. It sounds cheesy, but I miss those guys. Maybe a dumb idea, but I want to print an official looking certificate for "Most Favored Retailer Status In Support of Me," framed and presented to such indie-friendly stores. Thoughts?)

Many thanks to John Gonzales for creating those sketch bookmarks the night before. We were hanging out at Amsterdam Bar and John walked over with some card stock, a tiny papercutter, his pencils, and he said, "We're making some bookmarks!" The next day, anyone who bought a copy of PopGun, also got a free bookmark. How could they say no? I have some awesome friends.

See the enthusiasm? (photos posted on my Flickr)

Evan Bryce posted some unlettered pages from "The Heist and The Heart Attack" on his blog (click here). The story will be in PopGun Vol. 4. I wrote it as a continuation/prequel to "50 Miles to Marfa" in Vol. 3. It works. I think. If there is a Vol. 5 and I'm fortunate enough to be part of it, I have an idea for a third and final segment to complete the trilogy.

In other randomness: I saw this great review of ASTRONAUT DAD posted on Pop Syndicate. Ken Lowery sent me an email about it a year ago, but I can't remember if I ever posted it online.