Boom! Studios through iVerse Comic Reader Software made Hexed #1 available on the Google phone. I downloaded it out of curiosity, even though I already bought the comic. After trying the program, I've decided I don't mind reading comics on my phone. Using the touch screen to move the panel along is nice. The graphics look good. It reads easily. With all the things I like, my main complaint is a big one: I want a general iVerse application icon that when selected would list the comics I've downloaded. I don't want an individual icon for every comic download. You can see the problem. With an mp3 player on my phone, I don't have thousands of songs scattered throughout the phone's application listing.

My other complain might be a deal breaker. Yes, I like reading comics on my phone, but I don't like reading an entire 24 page comic on my phone. I need short stories. 8 to 12 pages. The content needs to adapt to the medium. Posting stories from anthologies like PopGun, Flight, MySpace Presents Dark Horse, Postcards et cetera would be much better than reading of all Hexed #1 or the Complete Bone.

iVerse doesn't want to be in the business of producing original content, but I think creating iVerse-specific (and exclusive) comics would be an improvement.