With economic situation the way it is, Paul and I were almost certain our days at D Magazine were numbered. As magazines and newspapers trim their budget, we thought our contribution of SOUVENIR OF DALLAS would be cut. We worked on the December issue and were stopped mid-production due to a lack of space. I thought we'd be pushed back to the January issue, but no such luck. It was hard to gauge what this meant. Then, last week, I met with D editors Tim Rogers and Eric Celeste. I'm happy to say we're back in the regular rotation. Even better, D Magazine is revamping the pulse section in such a way that I'm fairly confident SOUVENIR OF DALLAS will continue for quite some time. Our comic won't appear every month, but you can expect it four to fives times a year, which is perfect for me. The editors have been incredibly supportive. I just finished the script for the April issue, and I'm about to send it to Paul. I have to commend Paul for his work. Normally, I try to keep the content manageable (i.e. not too many panels, not too much dialogue, nothing too insane to draw). However, I confess with SOUVENIR I get sloppy. I create these impossible scenarios and think: "Oh well, Paul will figure out how to do this." Bad writer. Bad.

Hall of fame: -1- Big Tex fighting a large giraffe, a pegasus, and the Mayor of Dallas while a dandy in a hot air balloon observes overhead. Sheep dogs run wild. (click here) -2- Mayor of Dallas carrying several commuters to work in the middle of a traffic jam while a helicopter flies overhead. (click here) -3- New Cowboys stadium rises from the ground, a la Death Star, while the coach as Darth Vader force chokes a construction worker and Jerry Jones as the Emperor encourages him on (click here)

Unfortunately, panel 4 of the latest script may be a contender for the #1 spot. Sorry Paul.