This archive is more for my own benefit. I've been writing online since 1999, and I thought it'd be good to post the links of everything in one place. Before I started writing comics, in college, I wrote for Next-Wave. It's a web magazine that examines the intersection between church and culture. The site design has much improved since that first installment. Some of these early essays make me cringe a little bit. I can see the shift in my understanding of things. There's a lot of youthful restlessness, several false steps and a few grand ideas. I could spend a long time analyzing why I no longer write about faith issues, and I don't know if it would lead anywhere. It wasn't where I was supposed to be. Fact is I'm at my happiest when writing a comic script, and hey, "follow your bliss."

Next-Wave (from April 1999 to September 2002)

Who's afraid of the big bad... anyone? anyone?
The next new thing... bored with being "postmod"?
Ask Constantine: You fight the system. You become the system.
Front page fallen: The news media informs America on how to grieve
Control Alt Delete: Rebooting the Purpose-driven church
You don't know me
The Industry of Cool
Cracker: How multi-cultural is the postmodern church? Really.
Consumer-Friendly Postmodern Cool
Impressionistic Theology: Painting God with Color, A Possible Approach to Postmodern Doctrine
Sacred Distractions: Concerning the Art of the Spoken Word
Running to stand still: How does the church catch its breath? Part 2
Running to stand still: How does the church catch its breath? Part 1
Marked by God: Experiencing divine connection through skin art
Postcards from Cyberspace: Online addiction may distract us from our Gospel mission
The ABCs of Ministry in the 21st Century
Francis Schaeffer: The Last Great Modern Theologian and the reason why I have a goatee
The God of Chaos Theory: Some thoughts from the movie "Pi"
The Deception of the X-treme church
Schindler's Regret: A call to love a friend arrested for murder
Everything I ever needed to know for ministry, I learned from ... MTV?
The Church Finds Its Pulse: Understanding the significance of a drum beat in worship
Superman is Dead: No More "Hero-for-Hire" Clergy

Monkhouse Blog (April 2002 to November 2004)

Antihero Comics Blog (August 2003 to Present)

Weekly column for Fanboy Radio (not archived)

Pop Syndicate (July 2006 to March 2007)

Don't Think Twice. It's All Right.
The STAPLE! Interviews, part 8: Rob Osborne
The STAPLE! Interviews, part 7: Will Rodriguez
The STAPLE! Interviews, part 6: David Crosland
The STAPLE! Interviews, part 5: Kristian Donaldson
The STAPLE! Interviews, part 4: Chris Nicholas
The STAPLE! Interviews, part 3: Danielle Corsetto
The STAPLE! Interviews, part 2: Dean Haspiel
The STAPLE! Interviews, part 1: David DeGrand
From Geek to Freak to Emergency Room
The Lonely Genius
The Cover Price, Part Two of Two
The Cover Price, Part One of Two
Internet Killed the Comic Book Star
Joining a Fan Club
Interviewing My Friends, Part 4: Josh Howard
Interviewing My Friends, Part 3: Brent Schoonover
Interviewing My Friends, Part 2: Wes Molebash
Interviewing My Friends, Part 1: Scott Hinze
A Critical Look at the Critics, part three of three
A Critical Look at the Critics, part two of three
A Critical Look at the Critics, part one of three
24 hours vs. 10 years
The It List, Part Five of Five
The It List, Part Four of Five
The It List, Part Three of Five
Do It for the Diva
The It List, Part Two of Five
The It List, Part One of Five
In Defense of Mr. Nice Guy
The Inconvenient Graphic Novel
Gray Horses and Salamander Dreams
Eisner Awards Preview
Uncompromised, inadequately compensated
Everything that has nothing to do with Marvel or DC