KERA's Art&Seek posted a blog about this Thursday's panel discussion at the DMA (click here).

Q: What do you get when an architect, sculptor, writer and historian head to the museum?

A: An interesting panel discussion, that’s what. La Reunion TX and the Dallas Museum of Art present a FREE event on Thursday, December 11 at 7pm in the Center for Creative Connections Theatre as a part of the collaborative program Make Space for Artists: Design a Studio. Our topic? The artist studio – historic and contemporary.

Well-published graphic novelist David Hopkins knows a thing or two about working remotely and in collaboration with other artists to produce his artifact – the graphic novel. Designer Bang Dang was the winning architect for La Reunion’s architecture competition, Make Space for Art. He won, in part, for his “white box” studio design and lucky for us, he’s local. Established artist Frances Bagley is represented locally by Marty Walker Gallery and provides the panel with the perspective of a truly mixed media sculptor. Last, art historian Eric Stryker is a professor at SMU also happens to be an expert on Francis Bacon’s studio.

We’re not sure exactly where the conversation will go, but we’re sure it will be interesting. KERA’s Jerome Weeks will moderate. See you then!

I know a thing or two? Actually, I know only two things about collaborating and working remotely with artists: (1) Defend and support them unto death itself. Disagreements need to be settled privately and with unconditional respect. (2) Give them your best work, and they will give you their best work. I apologize for my lack of humor and sarcasm -- but those are the two things. Oh yeah and e-mail. You use email a lot.

Any other thoughts on remote collaborations?