It's official. My dad is now 60 years old, and in better health than me. It's partly my friend Leah's fault. I'll explain. Leah Wilson is senior editor at BenBella Books, which published THE CHINA STUDY. My parents picked up this book, and they've jumped into the study with great enthusiasm. It basically advocates a vegan-like diet. Leah explained it to me, and I have no doubt the findings are dead on, but never in a million years did I think my dad would become vegan. My dad, the man who (while I was in high school) grilled meat for dinner at least four days out of the week. My dad, the man who taught me how to grill, which steaks to choose, when to flip and when not to flip. The man I've had discussions with concerning the greatness of Stubb's beef marinade. The man who taught me the joys of a crock pot and pot roast. He's a vegan now. Not that I'm complaining about my Republican dad become a hippie vegan. They've lived in California long enough for it to displace the Texas influence. It's good to have a dad who eats healthy, exercises daily (golf counts, right?), and doesn't smoke. He's a grandfather now, so it's important for him to be able to keep up with my daughter. Kennedy asks about him and "Grandma Nancy" all the time. It'll be good to have him around -- and THE CHINA STUDY knows a thing or two about longevity. It sucks, because now I have to start being healthy too. It'd be a little embarrassing to have your parents outlive you through "natural causes." I'll live to be 80. They'll live to be 109. Way to go, Leah.

Happy birthday, Dad!