In the past year, I've been reading a lot of manga. I'm trying to get a sense for this huge segment of comics that I largely ignored. Here's what I've read so far: DEATH NOTE, VOL. 1-12, YOTSUBA&!, VOL. 1, CASE CLOSED, VOL. 1-2, AKIRA, VOL. 1, BUDDHA, VOL. 1-8, ASTROBOY, VOL. 1-2, BLEACH, VOL. 1, and RANMA 1/2, VOL. 1.

Some books I enjoyed more than others. I wasn't too keen on RANMA 1/2. It was a little too goofy for my tastes. In contrast, I absolutely love DEATH NOTE, YOTSUBA&!, and AKIRA. Any other manga you'd recommend?