Occasionally, I look at my website and think: "I need to post something." And when I can't think of anything to write, I do a random listing of all the stuff I have coming in next month or so. I'm about to do that, right now. Apologies if it's boring. More interesting news and commentary coming soon-ish.

* This Saturday, September 13th, April, Kennedy, and I are going to some very cool art gallery openings: Cartoon Apocalypse at Kettle Art Gallery, Designer Toys at Avenue Arts Venue, and The Whitney Gallery grand opening in Deep Ellum. We'll see how long Kennedy lasts. It may be an early evening. David DeGrand is featured in the Cartoon Apocalypse, John Gonzales in Designer Toys. These two guys are among my favorite local artists.

* I'm particularly excited about Wednesday, September 24. Because of my involvement with La Reunion, I've been invited to be a special guest for an event honoring the organization. It's hosted by Weber Shandwick (world's largest PR firm) at their new downtown offices in Comerica tower as an open house for their clients, including American Airlines and Wal-Mart among others. They're showing the short Karma Incorporated documentary that Luke Hawkins made and footage from my presentation at the scriptwriter's workshop I organized. They also want me to have my graphic novels available for sale. Score.

* A few days later on Saturday, September 27, there's a new show at the F6 Gallery in Arlington. I've heard lots of great stuff about this place, but I've never been.

* As per usual, ArtLoveMagic is doing something hip. I'm not quite sure about the specifics, but it's on October 3rd at Saxby's in Farmer's Branch and I'm going to be there with my books. I just do whatever Mike Lagocki tells me to do.

* Local artists be warned. October 4th: Dr. Sketchy's makes its debut in Dallas. Now you've been warned.

* The (unofficial "patron saint" band of Antihero Comics) Happy Bullets will be playing at (the official bar for the Dallas comic book creator's meet up) Lee Harvey's on Saturday, October 11th. It's two very awesome forces, combined in awesomeness.

* For awhile, I wasn't certain if I'd still be on the guest list, but it looks I am. I think. The pdf says: "featuring graphic novelist David Hopkins," yeah? The Writer's Garret is hosting an event at Mesquite library, north branch -- "Inspired by Bradbury: Presentation & Panel Discussion Fahrenheit 451". Bring the kerosene.

* I will be in Artist Alley for Wizard World Texas, November 7th - 9th. I'm sharing a table with Paul Milligan. April and I are working on a cool poster. Paul should have new art for our upcoming project.

* December 6th is Art Conspiracy.

And done.