Daniel Warner posted on his blog a list of things he really wants to do, but probably won't be able to accomplish -- due to priorities.

Here's my list.

- adapt my high school Creative Writing curriculum into a workshop for adults

- write a Karma Incorporated novel series

- write for a television series

- write and a direct a film, then submit that film to Sundance, Toronto Film Festival, Cannes, or SXSW

- form a studio and rep talented comic book artists

- be an editor for a comic book series I believe in

- publish a comic in another country

- take a summer to drive coast to coast for a book tour

- get my doctorate degree in Literature

- buy a Vespa

- produce a smart mob -- a spontaneous musical dance sequence

- attend the Angoulême International Comics Festival

- found a museum of comic and cartoon art for Dallas

- perform with Shakespeare in the Park

- build a small guest house in the backyard to function as a studio

I'm sure I can think of more.