Mark Murphy's TIKI JOE MYSTERIES from SLG Publishing will be in stores this Wednesday (click here for a preview).

Las Vegas, 1959. WWII veteran, Joe Halliday is enjoying the good life. Running Tiki Joe’s Restaurant, courting a beautiful girl and making time with steadfast friends. It’s all good until the local mob moves in with demands for protection money. When the police are unable to help, Joe calls in a few old army friends. Together they decide to pay the mob off....in lead! Tiki Joe is a graphic novel set in Las Vegas, using Polynesian pop-culture and Las Vegas kitsch as a background. Part murder mystery, part hard-boiled thriller by newcomer Mark Murphy.

You don't know how happy it makes me to see Mark Murphy described as a "newcomer." With his very hip HOUSE OF JAVA graphic novel series from NBM, he's been creating comics a lot longer than I have! Murphy is one of those Dallas locals, along with Cal Slayon, JE Smith, and Nick Derington, who originally encouraged me to get into comics. If he's still considered a newcomer, then I don't feel as anxious about what little I've been able to accomplish in the past few years.

Murphy is incredibly talented. You need to get his book.