Having been to almost every Dallas Comic Con for the past five years, and being a guest at many of them, this event has a sentimental effect on me. My friend Wim and I attended Dallas Comic Con as our first convention after a ten year hiatus; I remember meeting Cal Slayton, Scott Kurtz, and Nick Derington at the Dallas Comic Con. My own aspirations to create comics was inspired/encouraged in part by them. I wanted to be where they were. I remember purchasing my first booth, with several copies of my own mini-comic displayed. I think I sold maybe five copies, if that. I remember my first invitation to be a guest -- getting excited to see my name in the program, and how cool it was to spend the day hanging out with Cal.

After awhile, the guests, the attendees, and the exhibitors become familiar. There are people I only see at these events, and it's cool to get updates on how everyone's doing. Sometimes my books sell like crazy, and sometimes they don't, but it's always about having a chance to meet somebody new and geek out about comics.

This past weekend was probably my favorite, even though I wasn't able to stay the entire time. My booth had a few more books on it than when I first started. The comics panel was fun. Overall, I was just kicking back and enjoying myself. Not to mention, it was nifty to see Missi Pyle, who I will always remember from Josie and the Pusscats (a most underrated movie).

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