The web design I started a few months ago is finally finished. You're looking at it -- a simple design and hopefully easy to navigate, art by my friend Dave Crosland. It took longer than I thought it would. I spent an unbelievable amount of time agonizing over fonts, which the title font is called "Later On" if you're curious. April helped a lot with her feedback. It doesn't hurt to have a girlfriend with a degree in Design. We had lengthy discussions on the number of menu links and the value of an ampersand. I took Dan Warner's suggestion with the blog titles for the RSS feed. (Thank you!)

Today is my first day of Christmas break... and thank god. Kennedy is at daycare; I'm in the office working. It's been a surprisingly productive morning. Although tomorrow, I have to rake leaves.

Also, the trailer for Persepolis is now on Apple trailers (click here).