Brent and I were interviewed on Comixology's podcast. The link also includes some brand new preview pages of ASTRONAUT DAD. Comixology is a great website, lots of useful content and a clean design. I may be biased. They also made our book the featured item of the week.

Art Conspiracy was this past weekend. April and I went to Deep Ellum on Saturday afternoon to work on my art piece (shown below, photo by Sarah Jane Semrad). I'm happy with how it came together as a straightforward presentation of my work as a writer.

I was unable to make the actual event on Sunday night, but I received a voice message from Wim during my auction. I don't know what artist etiquette is... do I tell you how much it went for? I will say it sold for much more than I thought it would. All for charity, which is cool. Check out photos from the event on Sarah Jane's Flickr account, the event | the installation.

Other stuff: Jim Mahfood has a new blog. Also, Kazu Kibuishi's Amulet is now available in bookstores. I purchased my copy, and it exceeded all expectations. (And my expectations were ridiculously high!) This graphic novel might be the best thing I've read all year. Amulet has the scope of Jeff Smith's Bone with the imagination of Hayao Miyazaki. But in the end, it is uniquely Kazu.