Thank you to my friend Will Rodriguez of Mangled Stare for this sketch of Karma Incorporated's Marsha Elliot.

Of everything I've written, she's my favorite character. I can't think of hardly any comic book protagonists who are women in their mid-40s. She has a classic look, like a lead actress in an Alfred Hitchcock film or Anjelica Huston from The Grifters. Yet she definitely stands apart with her own history and motivations. Marsha is a lot of fun to write.

Good news: After some delays beyond anyone's control, Tom is back working on Karma Incorporated Vol. 2: Vice & Virtue. It should be available later next year. We thought it would be ready sooner, but this stuff happens in publishing, and it's not limited to small press. The second volume will happen, and it's a great continuation of the Karma Incorporated series. I'm happy with the script, and love working with Tom.

For anyone who hasn't purchased the first volume, Poor Mr. Wilson, it's available at your local comic book store (if not, they can order it) and also on Amazon.