I haven't been impressed with many new comics this year. For whatever reason, nothing has really excited me. Not that I haven't read anything good -- Super Spy, The Spirit, and Madman have been amazing. There's plenty of "good" stuff. However, that inner-geek has remained dormant, sleeping soundly. Although, that's changed now that I've read The Umbrella Academy. This series by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba is very cool and moving in all the right directions. It'll get some appropriate comparisons to BPRD and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, but it's not derivative in any negative sense. More just a good concept built on super hero nouveau. Two issues, and I'm a huge fan.

Issue One | Issue Two

This weekend, I'll be at Wizard World Texas (booth #207). Astronaut Dad arrived at my door, literally two hours ago. You can buy your copy this weekend. The printing looks even better than how we thought it would look.