This morning, Kennedy and I watched Snow White. Here are some things I noticed in the third act:

The Queen laughs about Snow White being buried alive. I don't think Disney has ever gone this dark since. The Queen, after her transformation, marvels that the apple will put Snow White into a death-like sleep. She amuses herself with the idea that the dwarves will bury the sweet princess alive, and she yells it several times just to make sure the kids at home understand.

Snow White is an idiot. Doc warns Snow White about strangers, and how the Queen wields powerful magic. And then, not much later, along comes a strange old woman with a "magic apple." Put two and two together! Geez, was Belle the first intelligent Disney princess? How many decades did it take?

Snow White wants Grumpy. Before she goes to bed, Snow White prays to God that Grumpy will like her. Then the next day, she makes a pie with his name on it while singing a reprise of "Someday My Prince Will Come." When she talks to the strange old lady about her so-called prince, the scene suspiciously cuts back to the dwarves before we get any specifics.

God kills The Queen. Oh hell yes. Don't dabble in the Dark Arts kids. You'll piss off God. Case in point. Snow White bites the magic apple, and immediately it starts raining on an otherwise clear day. The Queen climbs to the top of the rock ledge, and lightning strikes -- knocking her off the side. Then God uses his invention "gravity" to cause a large rock to fall on her. The only more satisfying Disney villain death is when Prince Eric stabs Ursula the Sea Witch with a boat.